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Best Online Betting Site Bonuses & Reviews

Sportbet22 holds all the information you need, and you most probably seek, if you're into sports betting. Here, you will find the best betting site reviews, along with a detailed evaluation of their respective betting promotions and bonus offers. We go to great distance to make sure you get nothing but the best. In our opinion, no two punters are the same, ergo there's not one single "best betting site". However, we make sure to point out which betting site excels in which area.

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Get up to £30 in Free Bets. New UK & Ireland customers only. Min first deposit £10 with Credit Card, Debit Card & Paypal only.


Free Bets

Up to £30


Founded in 1934 and our no 1 choice. Bet £10 Get £30 in free bets Credited as 3×£10 bets. – Free Bets.


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Minimum £5 deposit Up to £100 bonus for the new customers.


Best Online Sport Betting websites and Bonuses | 2019

Sports betting is the new go-to thing for investors and for young generation who want to make money sitting at home watching their favorite team winning.

Although it started way back but the easy access to internet and latest gadgets have made it easier and accessible than ever. You can make millions sitting at home with the help of your fingertips, all you need is internet and a gadget which will allow you to access any betting platform and yes, you must have some bucks in your bank account as well

Now you don't have to go to casinos or arenas to bet on your favorite sports there are hundreds of betting platforms just a click away and because of the high competition they offer stunning rates and yes some free money to bet on your sign up. They have also made the sign up process very easy, you can make your account with the help of your email and you are ready to go. Bet365, Betway and there are hundreds of it ready for you to sign up.

One of the perks of having an online betting account is being rewarded with bonus free bets. You can also be rewarded with deposit sign up bonuses too. One of the most commonly asked questions is what makes a good online betting site bonus? Here at Sportsbetting24 we believe there are a number of factors that combine to make a good online betting site bonus.

Sports betting is the most played betting in the world with its user count crossing the billion barrier. There is nothing more amazing that watching your team winning and earning money on it.

Many big names including Michael Jordan revealed that betting is their favorite thing after retirement.

In U.S sports have always been preached as a religion so betting spread like a fire in the forest there and that's where it held hands with innovation.

As the world transformed itself into internet sports betting also evolved. Casinos started their online platforms and things were easier than ever for players who wanted to invest into betting.

Yes, there were scams in the beginning many people lost their lifesavings and there was a phase when people preferred to bet on platforms which they could see rather than virtual ones but as the technology got advanced and online platforms became secure people again came back towards online betting as it was easy to play and easy to understand.

You can bet on almost every sports and on every match. Yes, there are some websites who are dedicated to a single sports but big platforms deal with almost every sports and you can find hundreds of bets in a single match that's being played.

Football is the largest sports in the world and it is being watched in every corner of the world which means it'll have the most passionate fans in the world. People are ready to die for the club they support so they never hesitate to bet their whole month's salary on the weekend match which they are watching in a local bar with friends.

According to a recent survey more money is being betted on football than every other sports combined. And that doesn't mean only on big match like the World Cup on Champions League, even in the third division, please are gambling a hefty amount of money.

Football betting is getting better every day and it's more interesting than it has ever been. There was a time when you used to bet on a team which you think will win, then there came outright bets but now there are hundreds of bets in a single match. You can bet on the top scorer, corners, bookings, correct score and there are hundreds of others.

Many websites gives you extra bonus if you bet a specific amount of money and there are some weekends special as well. And on some special bets return can go to 20X as well.

The worst thing about the football betting is the upset frequency which has increased quite a bit in last few years, we've seen a lot of upsets which might have wasted very big amount of money.

There are few trustworthy football pundits available who have earned the trust of millions by predicting the right teams for the players to place their money on. People worship them and why not? They have helped them earning money sitting at home just placing money on the teams which they told.

Online Cricket Betting

Cricket betting is something which is getting very viral these days as the sports of Cricket is growing. In last few years the stardom of cricket has increased a lot thanks to IPL and other local leagues that many big companies have started to invest in cricket and has helped cricket emerge as one of the biggest sports in the world.

Although Cricket is not even close to football but I've seen people building an empire through cricket betting. In India cricket is more like a religion and people are also very much into betting so India really provides more than 20 million betting players and many big betting websites are living alone on Cricket betting.

Apart from India Cricket is also very popular in Bangladesh and Pakistan but because of being Islamic countries betting is prohibited in both countries but people of Australia and England are also very much into cricket betting especially when it's the Ashes season.

IPL is one of the most gambled league in the world in which almost every other Indian is placing their money. Apart from the leagues T20 cricket has also helped cricket gathering more audience, the match is of very short period and it's much of an entertainment for fans.

Although cricket is not officially our national sport, it certainly is in the hearts and minds of most Indian people. Cricket is the most popular sport on the subcontinent. Nothing gets the family together like the Indian national cricket team and some homecooked dal makhani.

Watching cricket among friends or family is always cozy and super exciting. But nothing gets the excitement going like a good old-fashioned wager. That's why we love betting on cricket here at Mybetting. Watching your favorite game in good company and winning some money at the same time. What could be better?

Best Free Bet Offers

Free bet offers are a game changer in the world of betting, it has attracted more people into betting than anything else. People get free money and free offers to bet what else do you need in a world suffering from Inflation. gives you 5$ when you sign up and you can play it on any sports you want. They deal with almost every sports in the world but they are more into football.

Gridbet gives you 10$ once you complete a year of betting and just like you can spend it on any sports you want.

There are some sites which as special offer gives you 50% return if you lose by placing a specific amount of money on a particular sports.

Many betting sites also offer a type of bonus called free bets. This means you get the chance to place a wager without putting any money down. It's a great way to make a profit without taking any risk. Many betting sites offer free bets as a welcome bonus.